Introducing Fabriik Weave

The simplest, most comprehensive, configurable, crypto-to-crypto exchange.

Simple: End users can perform all actions for an exchange in three steps, all in about a minute.

Comprehensive: End user onboarding, trade quotes, execution and settlement, and all confirmations are managed.

Configurable: When delivered via API, you can incorporate Weave into your existing user experience.

Crypto-to-crypto: Initially supporting seven cryptocurrencies including BSV, soon to be 19. Fiat on/off-ramps coming in Q4.

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Choose from two ways to add Weave to your website experience...


Weave API

The Weave API delivers a simple, configurable, cryptocurrency exchange for you to use within your existing user experience.

Integrate the Weave API

Weave Widget

The Weave widget is a simple, all-in-one, cryptocurrency exchange you can add to your website in 30 seconds.

Add the Weave Widget